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Criminal Appeals in New York State

If someone you care about has been convicted of a crime after trial, it is vitally important that the trial transcript be reviewed by a criminal appeals lawyer to see if there is some basis for an appeal or other form of post conviction remedy. Criminal appeals are time consuming and complex and it is wise to seek the advice of an experienced criminal appeals lawyer as soon as possible after a conviction.

The job of a criminal trial lawyer is very different from the job of a criminal appeals lawyer. Typically, the criminal trial lawyer will be a different lawyer from the lawyer who reviews the case for appeal.

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Appeals from Around New York

Mr. Theophilos handles Criminal Appeals from all over New York State. The five main appellate courts in the New York judicial system are located throughout the state, with the highest New York appellate court located in the state capital of Albany. Most of the work in preparing an appeal is done in an office drafting the brief and preparing for the single appearance in court that is permitted for oral argument. Mr. Theophilos routinely appears in appellate courts all around New York State. Just call 866-447-7899 for more information.

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New York Criminal Appeals Lawyer

Tom Theophilos is a New York criminal appellate attorney. He handles criminal appeals in all of the New York appellate courts including the Appellate Division and the New York Court of Appeals. He also handles federal criminal appeals in the New York Circuit Court of Appeals and the United States Supreme Court. Find out more about Mr. Theophilos in the article "New York Criminal Appeals Lawyer Thomas Theophilos".

New York Criminal Appeals - A Proven Record of Success

Tom Theophilos has received reversals for his clients on numerous criminal cases in state and federal court.

For example, in the case of People v. Buchanan, 13 N.Y. 3d 1, Mr. Theophilos won a reversal of a murder conviction in the New York State Court of Appeals. In that case Mr. Theophilos argued that the judge violated the defendant's rights by forcing him to wear a stun belt during the course of the trial. (Read the Court of Appeals Opinion) (Read the Appellate Brief) (News Article 1, News Article 2)

In the case of U.S. v. Glenn, 312 F.3d 58, Mr. Theophilos received a reversal in the Second Circuit Court of Appeals for a client convicted of murder in furtherance of a drug conspiracy. In this case, Mr. Theophilos argued that there was legally insufficient evidence to permit the jury to convict his client of the homicide.

In the case of People v. Martin, 8 N.Y. 3d 129, Mr. Theophilos received a reversal of another murder conviction. In that case, Mr. Theophilos argued that the judge made a mistake in the instructions that were given to the jury.

Find out more about Mr. Theophilos' background as a criminal appeals attorney and other reversals that he has received in the article "About New York criminal appeals lawyer Thomas Theophilos" (Please note that every case is different and that prior results do not guarantee a similar outcome.)

Historic United States Supreme Court Decision on Guns Could Impact New York Gun Laws

Read a brief discussion of the McDonald v. Chicago decision in which Tom Theophilos examines the potential impact of this decision on current New York State and New York City gun legislation and regulations.

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Read Sample Court of Appeals Briefs

Review New York criminal appeal briefs filed by Tom Theophilos in the murder case of People v. Buchanan which he argued and won before the New York Court of Appeals. Review both Mr. Theophilos' initial arguments and his response to the Government's arguments here.

Read the New York Court of Appeals decision in the Buchanan case.